Philly Phlava
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  Platters       3 Egg Omelettes
  2 EggPlatter-HomeFries/ToastedWhite/Wheat/Rye
or EnglishMuffin & Choice of
Bacon/Sausage/Ham or Turkey
Cheese:WhiteAmerican/Mozzarella/Feta/Chedder/SwissChoose Any 3 Veggies:Onion/Mushroom/GreenPep/Spinach/Tomato/Olive
  PhillySteak/Chick'nSteak Or PorkRoll       w/Bacon/Sausage/Ham or Turkey    
          w/Steak/Chicken or PorkRoll    
  Sandwiches/Hoagies* SAND HOAGIE   Egg White Add    
  OnToastedWhite/Wheat/Rye or English Muffin            
  Pepper&Egg       Sides    
  Egg&Cheese       Toast/EnglishMuffin/HomeFries/Egg    
  w/Bacon/Sausage/Ham or Turkey       Bacon/Sausage/Ham or Turkey    
  w/Steak/Chicken Or PorkRoll       Steak/Chicken Or TaylorPorkRoll    
  Egg White Add       HotPeps/SweetPeps/Tomato/Olives    
  Burritos*       Extras    
  Scramled Eggs with Onion/Mushroom/ Green Pepper/Hot Sauce/Cheese    
  Egg&Veggie&Cheese       Spinach    
  w/Bacon/Sausage/Ham or Turkey       Sauces/Dressings    
  w/Steak/Chicken Or PorkRoll       Cheese    
  Egg White Add       ExtraMeat    
  * SERVED ALL DAY            

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